How to add parameter to Build process parameters?

If you have added some new Activity or CodeActivity to your build process template but you don’t want to edit template process each time you want modify properties of Activity or CodeActivity, you must add that parameter to “Build process parameters” list of your desired build definition. By doing this, there is no need to modify template process and check-in back it each time.

Jason has described this and has showed how you can do it by editing XAML file directly. But if you are searching for an easier way, follow these steps:

1. Open build process template.
2. Open Arguments tab at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
3. Add your parameters as “In” arguments.
4. Pass value of these arguments to properties of desired build/workflow activities.
5. Save and check-in template process.
6. Open up Build Definition that uses this template process.
7. Go to Process tab and navigate to Misc section. You will see your added arguments there, that are added as “Build process parameters”.
8. Fill your values there to be used by TFS Build.

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