Basic steps to localizing OTRS and other softwares into Persian

1. Ability to save and retrieve Persian texts.

2. Supporting right-to-left direction and right alignment.

3. Supporting Persian (Jalali) calendar in both getting dates from user and displaying dates to him (her).

4. Displaying Persian numeric digits ۰۱۲۳۴۵۶۷۸۹ instead of English numeric digits 0123456789.

5. Translating software itself into Persian. This include menu and button captions, messages and etc.


Advanced steps for localizing softwares may be achieved by implementing Iranian standard ISIRI 6219 and other related standards.

OTRS has done steps 1,2 and 5 but needs to go through steps 3 and 4. For step 3 (Persian Calendar) there exists a Perl module named Date-Jalali-0.01 written by Ahmad Anvari for converting Gregorian and Persian calendar to each other. Ahmad has also written another Perl module named Lingua-FA-Number-1.0 for converting English and Persian numeric digits to each other that can be used to implement step 4.


See also:

1. Persian Computing group: A community of people specialized in Persian standards, localization and internationalization.


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