Paging problem with Named SQL queries

Named SQL query in NHibernate is an easy way to apply paging through native SQL. SetFirstResult and SetMaxResults helps a lot here. But the problem is when query is get a bit complicated or for some other reasons that I don’t know, paging does not works on pages after first page. In this case a wrong sql query is generated.

From given answers I didn’t realized what’s the root cause and if there is any solutions or not. But because I was in emergency I used my work-around for it.

My work-around is adding paging elements directly in the query and pass “first result” and “max results” to the query as parameters instead of using SetFirstResult and SetMaxResults. Consider following example:


SELECT TOP (:maxResults) * FROM (



,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (:orderBy)) as _sort_row from


)as query WHERE query._sort_row > :firstResult
ORDER BY query._sort_row


This code is inspired from script that NHibernate itself produces while correct paging. Parametrization “top” and “order” sections was not very easy. I got helped from here and here. Notice parametrized “order” is not necessary for paging. It was my own requirement.


  1. ناشناس

    I don't know if NHibernate supports "Take" and "Skip" methods (Linq Extension methods). But if they supported it will be so easy to use them instead. Isn't it?!

  2. Afshar Mohebbi

    Yes, Linq-to-NHibernate supports Take/Skip extension methods and their work great. But as mentioned in the text, I'm using Named SQL queries not linq-to-nh. Named SQL queries is a way you can run native SQL queries in NHibernate.

  3. Afshar Mohebbi

    It's a legacy SQL query that the BOSS does love to convert them to linq-to-nh. Additionally linq-to-nh (2.1.2) has many limitations. One that bothered me a lot is it does not support "distinct" method. Additionally it has restrictions about sub queries.

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