Backing up TFS 2010

While using TFS 2010 as the only repository of source code and project management repository for a company with more than 10 developer, it is very important to handle backup/restore plans as accurate as possible. As I needed to backup such a TFS server correctly, I have compiled a check list for myself that I’d like to share it with all.

1. DVD of softwares must be kept at a separate reachable place. Including  Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, TFS 2010, SharePoint and any original/modified template process like Scrum for Team System version 3’s x64 template process.

2. Know of any good online/offline documentation for backup/restore: Backing up and Restoring Your Deployment. Some good key points of this document are:
-Databases to backup: TFS_Configuration, TFS_Warehouse, TFS_CollectionName (all collections), TFS_Analysis (if any), ReportServer, ReportServerTempDB, WSS_Config (if any), WSS_Content (if any), WSS_AdminContent (if any)
-TFS_Configuration database must be last database to backup and first database to restore.

3. Backup the Reporting Services Encryption Key using “Reposrting Services Configuration Manager”.  It’s a tiny file. This file must be protected with a password. Don’t forget to write down the password for future use. Alternatively you can use a simple password like 123 so you never forget it.

4. Use this guidline for: Restore Data to the Same Location and use this for Restore a Single Server Deployment to New Hardware.

5. You can always use a virtual machine to test you backups.


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