Many things to learn

I’m always thinking that something may be wrong with my study and learn process. Being a .Net developer in companies in Iran that make enterprise web applications, I’m forced to study and learn so many various things:

1. Web technologies and tools: ASP.NET Webforms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML.
2. Application level technologies: C#, NHibernate, LINQ and ADO.NET.
3. Architecture/Design subjects: SOA, various design patterns, MVP, Domain Driven design and UML.
4. Community related subjects: blogging, forum and mailing list activities, contributing in open source projects.
5. Learning English.
6. Miscellaneous technologies: MS SQL Server, MySql, NUnit, Subversion, Git, Visual Studio and Mono.
7. …

So the question is that: Is it correct to learn or study all of this technologies and subjects along with each other? Specially while I think a typical developer in US/Europe have learning/studying program for just a few of them. For example (s)he learn to be expert in data related technologies only just like ADO.NET, NHibernate and Entity Framework.

Being forced to learn and work with all above mentioned technologies and subjects has a very bad disadvantage: you have not enough time to be skilled in a few subset of them. Because when you are learning advanced subjects of a technology A, need to do some work in technology B arises and you need to cut studying technology A and do some studies in technology B in order to solve new problem. Consequently your knowledge of technology A remains facial. And this story goes on and goes on…


  1. mahandis

    I believe that anyone should select a field for work in professional level, Although this is not mean that should not learn any subjects in mid-level/basic level. also professional persons in one field is better than mid-level persons in more subjects.
    for example anyone choice desktop/web application in top level programming
    and select design/management/ analyze in database related jobs

    Unfortunately none of them not true in Iran today

    Be successful

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