Experiences with NuGet, Autofac and Autofac WCF

Days ago I started to work on a new multi-tenant WCF,EF,MVC project. A Visual Studio solution consisted of some projects. Data layer was handled by EF, communication between pieces of software was handled with WCF and front end was baked with ASP.NET MVC. Additionally all references were made via NuGet.

During this project I faced several problems. First of them was Autofac. Autofac is a nice .Net IoC library but I had some problems with it. I never knew that Autofac WCF is a separate assembly. One reason was that I thought NuGet will download all references for me. I spent many time to configuring Autofac WCF but because I had no reference to Autofac WCF I thought it is because my version of Autofac is old. So tried to compile it.

Another problem with Autofac was that documentations has a lot content on hosting a WCF service via Autofac but many poor content on how to consume a WCF service via Autofac. Because of this I was confused how to consume a WCF service via Autofac.

Initializing Autofac with MVC was not so problematic. Just using sample codes. ASP.NET MVC is great on receiving instances on constructors.

NuGet bothered a little. It was because I was not very familiar with it. I was using it incorrectly.

Entity Framework was not very problematic in first steps. Hope to not have no problems with it as a NHibernate fun.

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