An open letter to oDesk from an Iranian software developer

Dear oDesk managers,

I’m an Iranian software developer living and working in Tehran/Iran. Recently I opened an account in oDesk and started to bid on oDesk projects as a contractor. But unfortunately oDesk has suspended my account just because I’m an Iranian.

I can’t realize why I can’t work in oDesk like many other people all around the world including Pakistan, Latin America, Egypt, Ukraine, India, etc? What is difference between them and us? I know about Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), but we, the people of Iran not the government, do not deserve it. In Iran, a very few software developers work directly for government or government organizations. While American and Iranian politicians hate each other, why we, the people of Iran must be sacrificed? Why we must pay for it?

Please watch software developers of Iran more carefully, we don’t program for nuclear weapons, mass destruction weapons or anything else dangerous for people of world. Main stream of software development in Iran is LOB applications deployed in boring offices manipulating personal data, banking data, accounting data and any none military data. Why you are think these poor and peaceful software developers are dangerous to other people?

I beg you think twice…

Best Regards,
A peaceful Iranian software developer,
Afshar Mohebbi


  1. Nasser Hadjloo

    To oDesk

    Because of these kinds of behaviour that you did at past. Most ofthe Iranian people don't act within the morality and use your (foreign) software without copyright.

    They say that "while you don't let us buy them by banning us accessing financial resources (such as credit cards) or by forbiding us bidding in open projects (like oDesk) or etc, we can use your resources freely & without any charge"

    I'm sure that you know Persian people very well, we are civilized people and had good relation at past (in Pahlavi dinasty) how's that we turned to bad people? how's that we're not autorised resources you gain with our effort at past?

    I wish you reconsider and let us use your resources as Microsoft, DHL, Dell, HP and IBM let

    Another Persian Developer
    Nasser Hadjloo

  2. AmirGT

    آقای محبی اونجایی که گفتید: ما توسعه دهندگان دنبال سلاح هسته ای نیستیم
    این یعنی شما قبول دارید که ایران یا دولت ایران دنبال سلاح هسته ای هست !! و خواستار این هستید که فرق بذارند بین شما و دولت ایران.
    بقیه موارد رو خوب گفتید 🙂 ممنون

  3. afsharm

    نه اون یعنی من نمی‌دونم کسی دنبال سلاح هسته‌ای هست یا نه. اصلاً این موضوع به من مربوط نیست. من فقط اینو می‌دونم که خودم و بقیه آدم‌های مثل دنبال چنین چیزی نیستیم.

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